Reno Mo-Men challenge you to grow your mo in Reno for Movember

Share your story, grow your mo, raise mo money, join a mo team and get ready for Movember

Get your razors ready. Recharge, strop, hone, change the blade, get a new cartridge, take out your pocket knife or break off a piece of glass because in 10 days, it’s time to join the Reno Mo-Men in their fight against testicular and prostate cancer. On Saturday, Nov. 1, Movember starts in Reno and if you’re not on a team raising money to fight man cancer, well, then you’re probably doing something else considerably less cool.

“But I don’t like my face without a facial hair,” you might say, well, neither does anyone else, but that’s the point. We shave our faces and grow a mustache for the entire month of November to help change the face of men’s health. Mustaches are weird, creepy and meant for porn stars, Ron Burgundy and guys who can grow vacuum brush attachments. For the rest of us, mustaches are conversation starters.

I have owned a beard for 10 years. My beard has seasons, its own mailing address and a schedule. My wife and most friends I met after high school have never seen my face. But come Nov. 1, it will be gone for a full, terrifying, gut-wrenching, tear-jerking month. Don’t make me do it alone. Join the Reno Mo-Men or any other Movember team that suits your fancy. #peerpressure


Josh Arias briefly shaves Don Anderson with his straight razor. Barber Arias is a licensed barber in Nevada and routinely provides hot shave services. Photo by Mike Higdon

On Saturday, Nov. 1, Barber Josh  Arias, Under the Rose Brewing Company and Drinkable Reno will host a Shave the Date Party. Come to Under the Rose Brewing Company from noon to 8 p.m. for a luxurious hot shave, beer, food, before and after pictures of your face and a good time. If you don’t want a hot shave, that’s fine too, come anyway to support your mo bros and mo sistas. Mo details below.

At the end of the month, Nov. 30, Josh, UTR, Drinkable and Craft Wine & Beer will join up for a final mo party and best beard contest to see how everyone did raising awareness, money and hair. Mo details forthcoming.

We’re passionate about this cause because too many men are dying unnecessarily from testicular cancer, the most common cancer in young men. Current treatments for testicular cancer are pretty good, but pretty good is just not good enough. The Movember Foundation is working around the clock and around the world to improve the lives of men and their families affected by testicular cancer. We need your support to fund this important work. Together, we can create a world where no man dies of testicular cancer.


Justin Sibley’s mustache is telling you grow your mo. This glorious hirsute will disappear Nov. 1.  Photo by Mike Higdon

Men often do not take care of themselves, avoid doctors and don’t report health issues or do regular check ups or exams. Movember seeks to change this culture among the world’s men by encouraging them to care about their health. Many of us know others or have our own stories about men in our lives affected by cancer or mental health issues and this is our chance to take care of ourselves, friends and family, while looking absolutely ridiculous doing it. Movember isn’t only for men, it’s also for the women who love and support the men in their lives. Movember gives everyone a chance to make a difference. That’s what makes Movember locally grown (also it’s a play-on-words about your face).

Share your story

At Drinkable Reno, we encourage you to tell your stories using the below form or in the comments. We’ll collect the stories and publish them throughout Movember. So don’t be shy. If you’d like to send any pictures of family, friends or your mo progress, make a note and we’ll contact you before posting.


Reno Mo-Men Shave the Date party

WebWhat: November 1 is the official start of Movember, the day to shave down and get excited about the hairy month ahead. As the official Rules of Movember state, men must begin clean-shaven on the first of Movember and grow only a moustache for the 30 days. Special beer releases, food and ice cream, hot shaves and music all help raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.
When: Saturday, Nov. 1, noon to 8 p.m.
Where: Under the Rose Brewing Co, 559 E 4th St Reno, NV 89512
Who: Barber Arias, Under the Rose Brewing Co, Craft Wine & Beer, Drinkable Reno and you are Reno Mo-Men.

Hot Shave Package – $75

  • Two beers from Under the Rose
  • A sandwich from Full Belly Deli
  • Ice cream from IceCycle Creamery
  • Hot shave from Barber Arias and Barber Don Anderson (available on first come/first serve basis)
  • Pre and Post Shave photographs by Drinkable Reno

Movember Package – $25

  • Two beers from Under the Rose
  • A sandwich from Fully Belly Deli
  • Ice cream from IceCycle Creamery

A large part of the proceeds from packages goes toward our Movember Team Contribution.

All day – Any beer

  • $1 of all beer purchases goes toward Movember fundraising

Special beer releases

  • pumpkinbeer – a spicy pumpkin saison
  • movembeer – a sweet oatmeal stout with guest brewer Justin Sibley

Music by DJ MoJo JoJo

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