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Emily Stott is a journalist who loves wandering around Reno and checking out the food and drink scene. She discovered a love of scotch and whiskey while spending a few months in Scotland, and will happily recommend a drink for you at any bar in Reno.

Clint Demeritt is a Reno journalist who keeps his writing skills sharp by writing about technology and beer. During the day, Clint works as a Content Developer for Northern Nevada HOPES.

Author of The Happy, Fun, Party Travel Guide to Reno: A Guide to Casinos, Bars, Restaurants, and Special Events in Reno and Sparks, Ed SJC Park immigrated to Reno from California in 1995. In 2012, he fulfilled a friend's challenge to visit every single stand-alone bar in Reno and then Sparks. He has become a local critic of Reno's growth as a drinking town.

Jessica Torres is the chief cocktail creator at One Martini. When not playing bartender in her kitchen and on the Internet, Jessica can be found improving her food and drink photography, spending time with her family or attempting to nap. Jessica also writes at allParenting.

Is & Justin will be drinking a beer a week from each U.S. state in a year's time. We are up for trades. Contact us at Find us on Instagram.

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Mike Higdon is a journalist passionate about beer and cocktails. He started the site because no one else covered Reno's growing craft scene at the level of detail required to stay in the know about all things drinkable in Reno.