Sushi and sake festival at Peppermill Reno

Sushi and Sake

Photo provided by Peppermill.

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Enjoy the flavors of the sea during Peppermill’s Sushi and Sake Festival June 21. The sake and sushi will not be paired together, instead there are separate sushi and sake stations. All sake’s will be served chilled, guests taste all of the following drinks and choose any sampling of sushi they would like.

Peppermill’s Sake and Sushi Festival

When: Thursday, June 21, 6 p.m.
Where: Peppermill Reno’s Tuscany Ballroom
Tickets: $69, can be purchased here


  • Assortment of nigiri sushi, maki sushi, and sashimi
  • Steamed pork dumplings
  • Korean BBQ beef and chicken skewers
  • Edamame salad
  • Spicy Thai chicken and coconut soup
  • Vietnamese chicken wings
  • Flavors of Asia dessert bar created by our award-winning pastry staff

And assorted Dim Sum to include

  • Shrimp spring rolls, shrimp money bags and shrimp won tons
  • Orange soy-seared salmon
  • Chinese BBQ pork loin

Beer Station

  • Asahi Super Dry

Sake station

  • Ty Ku Sake Black Junmai Ginjo
  • Ty Ku Sake Silver Junmai
  • Ty Ku Sake Coconut Nigori

Sake Cocktail Station

  • Ty Ku Sojutini
  • Ty Ku Citrus Gimlet featuring Hana Fuji Apple and Hana Lychee
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