Reno Strange Brew Festival will have really weird beer on tap

Brewers Cabinet Taps

Taps at Brewer’s Cabinet. Photo Courtesy of Brewer’s Cabinet

Test your taste buds with these strange beers

If regular craft beer bores you then the Strange Brew Festival is your kind of event. Hosted by Brewers Cabinet, the festival features once-only strange beers like Sushi Porter, Horchata Saison and Cucumber Kolsh. Normal brews are strictly prohibited.

“The event gives brewers who get caught up with making their flagship beers the freedom to go off the deep end,” said Charlie Johnson, brewmaster at Brewers Cabinet and mastermind behind the festival.

When Charlie worked as a brewer in Washington, a small brewery there did the same festival so he asked if he could bring the idea to Reno. Of course, they didn’t mind, so Charlie thought it would be a good start to the summer beer season in Reno. The event coincides with Dine the District so you can start out with some food, walk over to Brewers Cabinet and try out the strange beers.

Speaking of strange beers, here’s the list:

Brewer’s Cabinet

  • Cucumber Kolsch
  • Peanut Butter Stout
  • Bubble Gum Ale
  • Salty Mick Gosier
  • Horchata Saison
  • Jelly Donut – UC Davis Homebrew Club Beer

Under the Rose Brewing Company

  • Ginger Pear blondebeer
  • Peppermint Pattie porterbeer
  • Sunny D saisonbeer

Great Basin

  • Mole Milk Stout
  • Belgian Icky with Spices

Mammoth Brewing

  • Wild Beer Fermented in Glass Mtns
  • Sour Bock Infused with Sour Patch Candy
  • Imperial Stout aged on Palo Santo

Stoney Head

  • Spearmint Pine Nut Ale

The Brewing Lair

  • Breakfast Beer
  • Chocolate Dope

Brasserie St. James

  • Barrel Aged Butternut Squash & White Sage Saison aged 14 months in Pinot Grigio and Chard Barrels (sour).
  • Barrel Aged Belgian Wit, aged 14 months in Pinot Noir Barrels (sour)
  • Cask- Conditioned Bamberg Rauchbier with Fresh Spruce Tips

Silver Peak

  • Neapolitan Porter
  • Bourbon Barrel Doppelbock
  • Cranberry Kolsch

BJ’s Brewery

  • Mole Oasis
  • Sushi Porter

Joseph James

  • Fifth Anniversary Smoked Wee Heavy Left
  • Blend of Bourbon Stout and Barrel Smoked Wee with Cacao Nibs and Vanilla Bean
  • German Chocolate Cake Stout with Coco Nibs and Coconut

In the future, Charlie would like the event to last two days, starting with homebrewers the first day, then professional brewers and homebrewers together on the second.

Location: The Brewer’s Cabinet (back parking lot)
Date & Time: May 3rd, 3 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Breweries Involved: The Brewer’s Cabinet, Great Basin, Silver Peak, Under the Rose, BJ’s, Brewing Lair, Brasserie, more to come!
Is there food? Yes, they will be barbecuing kielbasa and hamburgers
Price of Admission: $30 Presale and $40 Day of the Event. Purchase tickets here. Get in for $20 when you attend the River Walk Association Dine in the District event and bring proof of purchase. Purchase tickets here.

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