Reno Mo-Men Shave the Date party for Movember 2014

What your face could look like (or does) for Movember

Movember team, Reno Mo-Men held a Shave the Date event at Under the Rose Brewing Saturday, Movember 1, 2014. Barber Josh Arias provided hot shaves while UTR served beer, Full Belly Deli made sandwiches, IceCycle Creamery sold ice cream and Drinkable Reno took before and after photos.

The Reno Mo-Men grew to 41 members and raised $692 between hot shaves, beer, sandwich and ice cream sales. The team raised $2,832 by Nov. 6 and with 24 days left in the month, has plenty mo to grow. Previous team ReMo joined the Reno Mo-Men to make it the largest team in the city.

Each member of the team started clean-shaven and is grow a mustache for the cause. The Movember Foundation raises money to fight prostate and testicular cancer. Shaving and growing a mustache is just one visible way to bring attention to these causes. Movember is not the same as No Shave November.

End of Mo Party

What: The Reno Mo-Men will hold an end-of-the-mo party to celebrate a month of mo-growing
Where: Craft Wine & Beer, 22 Martin St, Reno, Nevada 89509
When: Sunday, Nov. 30 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m..
Why: Awards will be given for Best Mo, Most Mo money raised under their team name and most pathetic mo
RSVP on Facebook as prizes and details develop

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And don’t forget to donate to the cause!

What the Reno Mo-Men are saying

Mike Glass: My father had his prostate removed and I have a younger brother who’s had an enlarged prostate already. So this hits close to home.

Longhaired Willie Nixon: So, I was 54 years old and that age where weird things start to happen…Like prostate exams and colonoscopies. I’d also started a new job, and one of my co-workers told me about Movember, which I hadn’t heard of. We talked, I joined his team, and I’ve been talking about men’s health ever since, to whomever would listened. I’ve raised a few dollars for Movember and hope to continue doing so for many years to come.
This year, I’m signing up with Reno Mo-Men because that’s where the guy who got me started signed up. This way, we keep the old team together while becoming part of something bigger and better. Go ReMo!!

Jamie Worley: 7 year survivor, testicular cancer, proud to be a Reno MoMan

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